There are two methods of laser eye surgery; LASIK and LASEK, both of which may be enhanced with wavefront, a procedure that tailors your treatment to the minute specifications of your eyes. LASIK and LASEK are highly effective procedures that are suitable for most low, moderate and high prescriptions.


The laser eye surgery treatment that's right for you will depend on your suitability and unique requirements, which will be established during your free consultation.


LASIK (Laser-Assisted-In-Situ-Keratomileusis) eye surgery comprises two computer-guided, cool lasers. The first creates a protective layer to allow your surgeon access to the cornea beneath the surface of your eye, the second to correct your vision.


LASEK (Laser-Assisted-Epithelial-Keratomileusis) is similar, however only one laser is used to correct your vision, after the surgeon has temporarily folded aside a thin layer of cells to allow access to the cornea.


Both can be enhanced with wavefront, advanced technology that maps and assesses the distinct characteristic of your eyes more precisely than standard treatment.


iLASIK Laser Eye Surgery 

iLASIK is a laser eye surgery treatment for both short sighted and long sighted people (and those with astigmatism). Premium iLASIK treatment with wavefront technology powered by iDesign is also available.


LASEK Laser Eye Surgery 

LASEK is a laser eye surgery treatment for people with short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism and is used mostly on thin or flat corneas. Premium LASEK treatment with wavefront technology powered by iDesign is also available.






both eyes
800 € 890 € 890 €
PRK Lasek
both eyes
 800 €  890 €  890 €
both eyes
800 € 890 € 890 €
both eyes
1.150 € 1.290 € 1.290 €
both eyes
1.150 €    1.290 €
both eyes
1.200 €   1.290 €
PRK Wavefront
both eyes
  890 €  
both eyes 
1.400 € 1.500 € 2.000 €
both eyes 
  3.500 € 3.200 €
Grauer Star
both eyes
2.160 €
-4.160 €
  2.400 €
Grüner Star
both eyes 
1.800 €    


group tours: Price
from 2 people 
Femto Lasik 
Both eyes 
Price per person
1.050 €    

The prices are cash prices.
If you wish to pay by
 credit card incur additional charges.

Our service is different to the other agencies in that always someone from the agency is on site, who takes personal care on site. We provide a personalized service from arrival to departure in Antalya - Turkey on its side and ensure that it will not go wanting. The positive feedback shows us that it is the patient's particularly important to be left in Antalya not alone, as is the case with many other agencies.
Eye operations are a matter of trust.
Trust the highly qualified and highly experienced team - as very many patients from Turkey and Europe in front of you.

The price (Antalya) include:

1. Visual acuity
2. Topography of the corneal surface with examination of the anterior and posterior      eye
 portion and the tear fluid.
3. The Lasik surgery with lasers of the latest generation.
4. The follow-up examination at the Eye Clinic incl. All necessary medication.
5. 10 years free follow-up and, if necessary
    a Re Lasik.
6. German language support in the Department of Ophthalmology.
7. The entire organization of your trip and the appointment
    with the Department of Ophthalmology.
8. Free shuttle service to the treatments (within
    up to 25 km from the hotel to the eye clinic).

The price (Antalya) Not included:
- Airport transfer
- Medicines after discharge from the hospital



If it is found during the preliminary investigation in Antalya, that they are not suitablefor medical reasons for a Lasik treatment or you do not want to perform the treatment for other reasons that you may incur for the preliminary investigation costs in the amount of 80, - €.


Antalya Airport Transfer:


 Antalya - Flughafen        Beldibi   45 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Belek  25 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Bogazkent   28 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Kemer  50 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Konyaalti     25 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Side - Kumköy         50 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Kundu     20 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Lara     20 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Manavgat      50 €
 Antalya - Flughafen  Side  50 €
 Izmir - Flughafen  Izmir - Klinik 25 €
 Izmir - Flughafen  Izmir - Hotel 25 €

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